The Canadian Rockies / by Josh Reddekopp

This trip has been in the works for a while.

Early this June my very good friend Delten and I loaded our mountain bikes onto the back of my car amd pointed it west in search of mountains. Our route took us into the Rockies at Canmore and over the course of a week we worked our way up to Jasper. My most distinct memories include cooking over fire atleast twice a day, taking a short trip over my handlebars in front of some concerned locals, and grinning like a little kid while I enjoyed the views depicted below. 

For anyone planning a mountain biking trip I highly recommend the app/website Trailforks. Also, I haven't captioned the photos so if your looking at one wondering "huh, where the heck was that?" send me a message! I love chatting people up about the mountains :)