Kelsey Erin & Noah Derksen @ The Karma Cafe / by Josh Reddekopp

Those who have experienced it know that there is a peaceful and warm magic to sitting in a cozy coffee shop with friends on a cold winters night. On January 13th I was fortunate enough to find myself in just such a situation. 

My sister is a crazy talented musician. I've known this for a long time, but it was still something special to see her play live accompanied by Jeff Wall on percussion. Her music is a reflection on her personal struggles and progress in life and as an artist. Maybe it's blood but I find her work very relatable. Take a listen to Kelsey's EP here

Before this show I hadn't heard of Noah Derksen or his music. Meeting him and listening to him play was like having your friends drag you out to a movie about which you haven't heard a thing and then walking out a huge fan 2 hours later. Ok maybe that example is even more obscure than the experience I'm trying to convey but I'm hoping your following me here. Noah Derksen was great. His most recent album In Search of the Way is described as "a snapshot of Noah's musical and personal progression. Characterized by a longing for direction and purpose, the album portrays a navigation through matters emotional, spiritual, and all things in between." Check that out here. Noah I really enjoyed meeting you. I found the honest lyrics and sincerity of your music both encouraging and familiar to my own personal journey. Thanks for sharing!

Shout out to Karma Cafe. If your in the downtown area I highly recommend checking them out! I'll definitely be back to enjoy the large windows, cozy interior, and a warm chai again. Thanks Vivek :)!