Daniel + Mollie / by Josh Reddekopp

I'm very fortunate to have such good company when visiting Edmonton :).

Daniel is in the last semester of his degree with King's University. He's been a close friend and support to me for as long as I can remember. I appreciate both his kindness and great sense of humour! 

Mollie currently works at WECA in Edmonton which is currently in the process of planting a chapel in West Edmonton Mall. If this is of interest to you check out more here: http://weca.com/weca-chapel/. She's also the lead singer in an unreal band called The Den so check them out here: https://wearetheden.com/. Seriously your missing out if you don't. 

Dan and Mollie you may be rubbish at coup but i still think you are both great! Thank you! 

Your dedication and love toward each other is a blessing, enjoy it in the photographs below.