My name is Josh (I'm guessing that's already painfully apparent to you)! Thank you for taking an interest in my work. Exploring the world, knowing the people who live on it, and capturing both through photography, this excites me. I also love mountain bikes, hot tea, warm cats, working at my computer, laughing with old friends, and getting to know new ones! I'm a hardcore feeler with a logical and pragmatic side (that paradox is a blessing at least as often as a curse), but when it comes to photography the result I aim for is images of meticulous attention to detail and quality that captivate through emotional connection, creativity, and awe when viewed for years to come.

Your Photos:

For me there is something about photography that is almost sacred; for every photo shoot and each individual I have the privilege of capturing I am grateful. My desire is that each session be a fun, authentic, and memorable experience on its own, delivered through a mixture of both creative shots and more traditional portrait photos. 


I would love to sit down with you for coffee or tea (on me!) to get to know you and hear what I can do to capture some authentic moments of your life and love! Whether that be a big day, a spontaneous lifestyle session, or anything between!